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Our unique management team creates an important distinction at VNC Sales & Marketing. We have seasoned beauty industry business partners/owners managing each of our territories. This important oversight increases our accountability to everyone. Our managers also handle accounts in order to keep them “in the game”. It is difficult to convince the manufacturers we represent and the clients we service that we are in touch with their needs if our business unit managers never leave their offices!


Why use VNC Sales
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All sales reps are not created equal!

Our extensive expertise in the various aspects of the professional beauty industry sets us apart from other salespeople who pretend to know the beauty business. It isn’t their fault; they simply lack the experience we possess.

The members of our team have run professional beauty supply stores, retail beauty outlets, and retail stores. We have worked in warehouses, worked for beauty industry manufacturers, worked as buyers for large beauty distributors, owned beauty distributorships, owned manufacturer sales rep organizations, called on salons, worked in salons, or trained sales reps. We have honed our sales skills one mile… account….one day at a time.

We have learned from the challenges and grown in our depth of experience. Running a successful business requires making many choices and we have worked diligently to make good ones. We never stop learning.

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MOD Clean Salon Disinfectant

Mod Clean The Best Salon Disinfectant

MOD Clean is a pre-measured hospital grade powdered disinfectant pod that just makes sense for the beauty industry. Times have changed; why use traditional liquid disinfectant in a MODern world? With MOD Clean, there's no need to guess the pour ratio or worry about messy spills. The pods are small, lightweight, and will save you storage space over those heavy, bulky bottles. To use MOD Clean, just open a bag, grab a pod, and toss it in your jar for perfectly measured disinfectant every time. Stop pouring your money down the drain and start using MOD Clean for No Mess, No Guess, Just Clean!

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