His father was working for a major distributor when he was born, and went on to own one of the strongest rep groups in the country, so Justin literally grew up in the beauty industry. However, he didn’t realize that it would be his calling, too, until about 13 years ago, when he stepped in to run a bottle manufacturing company in Dallas.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that the industry was just the right place for him to thrive. After 8 years growing the company and learning the “beauty biz” from the ground up as a manufacturer, he decided to make a change, and joined his father’s rep organization.

This proved to be an excellent decision, and Justin has quickly developed strong relationships with his many distributors in the Southwest. He has cultivated in-depth brand knowledge with each of his manufacturers, and uses that knowledge to grow his accounts.

Justin has proven to be a strong link in the chain of success for Van Nest Company.